nginx reverse proxy causing TCP queuing spikes

Grant emailgrant at
Sun Sep 25 00:50:54 UTC 2016

> I've been struggling with http response time slowdowns and
> corresponding spikes in my TCP Queuing graph in munin.  I'm using
> nginx as a reverse proxy to apache which then hands off to my backend,
> and I think the proxy_read_timeout line in my nginx config is at least
> contributing to the issue.  Here is all of my proxy config:
> proxy_read_timeout 60m;
> proxy_pass;
> I think this means I'm leaving connections open for 60 minutes after
> the last server response which sounds like a bad thing.  However, some
> of my admin pages need to run for a long time while they wait for the
> server-side stuff to execute.  I only use the proxy_read_timeout
> directive on my admin locations and I'm experiencing the TCP spikes
> and http slowdowns during the exact hours that the admin stuff is in
> use.

It turns out this issue was due to Odoo which also runs behind nginx
in a reverse proxy configuration on my machine.  Has anyone else had
that kind of trouble with Odoo?

- Grant

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