Nginx Serving Large Static Files >=2GB

c0nw0nk nginx-forum at
Sun Sep 25 20:38:30 UTC 2016

So I want to find the best optimal settings for serving large static files
with Nginx. >=2GB

I read that "output_buffers" is the key.

Would also like to know if it should be defined per location {} that the
static file is served from or across the entire server via http {} and any
other settings that should be in place or left at defaults.

Also curious if any of this would even apply to us who use Nginx on Windows

I did read a old email by Maxim Dounin here :

Also mentions output_buffers should be increased but if it should be just
per location or http and what correct value it should be increased to based
of the size of the file you are serving is what I'd like to know :)

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