Nginx - API Gateway is not forwarding the request to Auth Service

Francis Daly francis at
Wed Apr 12 21:44:50 UTC 2017

On Wed, Apr 12, 2017 at 05:50:56AM -0400, zaidahmd wrote:

Hi there,

> Below I will explain my application with NGINX configuration I have
> performed and the code snippets/references for future users.
I've read your description, and I confess I'm not sure what benefit
auth_request within nginx gives you. It looks like your application is
doing its own auth check on every request anyway, so having nginx do
the same thing seems redundant. I'm probably missing something.

That's ok; I don't need to understand it.

> Secondly, I am able to complete my configuraiton successfully and got it
> working and now in testing and expanding the functionality.

You now have a working system; that's good.

The bonus piece would be if you found that some words in some
documentation were unclear; and if you now know what words would have
made it clear to you the first time you read it; then sharing those new
words might let that piece of documentation become updated so that it
will be clear for the next person reading it for the first time.

Doing the work to prepare those words will be of no benefit to you,
of course, so it's not a problem if it does not suit you to do it.

It's good that you have solved the problem you had.


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