nginx limit_req and limit_conn not working to prevent DoS attack

Phani Sreenivasa Prasad nginx-forum at
Wed Aug 2 04:08:02 UTC 2017

Yes. Firewall would be another option. But before to that, i would like to
try out all options at nginx level if one or other would resolve the issue
at nginx layer itself.

cant we put accept() filters? or 
how the deny option works? can we use deny option to not to accept any new
connections if number of connections already exceeds max limit from a client
are there any third party modules available for nginx to embed firewall
functionality? something reliable !!

My objective is, using limit_conn directive, when number of connections
exceeding limit, instead of sending 503, or 444, just do not accept any new
connections from that specific IP only(if a client is opening 10000
connections at a time, it should be fine to not accept connections from that
IP citing the reason that it could be malicious).

Thoughts !!


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