How to disable fastcgi caching for the logged user?

Etienne Robillard tkadm30 at
Mon Aug 7 08:47:30 UTC 2017

Hi Francis,

Thank you for your reply. What is the difference between:

fastcgi_no_cache $http_pragma $http_authorization


fastcgi_no_cache $remote_user


In addition, how can I verify the configuration is working as expected?



Le 2017-08-06 à 05:48, Francis Daly a écrit :
> The documentation at describes what
> that directive should do.
> You want to disable fastcgi caching when the fastcgi variable REMOTE_USER
> is set.
> Your config presumably includes something like "fastcgi_param REMOTE_USER
> $something".
> In that case, you want "fastcgi_no_cache $something".

> Good luck with it,
> 	f

Etienne Robillard
tkadm30 at

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