HTTP/2 server push

Ruslan Ermilov ru at
Thu Feb 8 19:41:03 UTC 2018

On Thu, Feb 08, 2018 at 08:45:50AM -0500, beatnut wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> According to the roadmap server push
> will show up in a few days.

It's been committed today and will be available in the next release.

> My question is :
> How to mitigate problem when we are pushing resources already being in the
> cache for example pushed earlier ?

Apache has this mechanism:

But it doesn't mitigate a problem of wasted bandwidth with HTTP/2
push if a client opens a new connection, or a server is restarted.

> Do i have to make some workaround using cookies or nginx can hadle that kind
> of situation?

Happy you now also know that HTTP/2 push is mostly a myth when it
comes to performance improvement.  In my opinion, it only has very
limited application.

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