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Thank you Roman, but this raises a different question, if I want to base this on the value and not the existence, is that still possible?

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    Hi Michael,
    On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 02:09:57PM +0000, Friscia, Michael wrote:
    > I’m at a loss on this. I am working on a cache problem where some pages need to be bypassed and others will be cached. So the web server is adding a response header (X-Secured-Page). I’ve tried multiple combinations of
    > $http_x_secured_page and $sent_http_x_secured_page and even though I see the header when I inspect the page, the IF statements inside the location block are not getting fired off.
    > What could I possibly be doing wrong?
    If you want to disable caching for a specific response, you can use the
    proxy_no_cache directive.  Pass it $upstream_http_x_secured_page if you want
    to disable caching of responses having this HTTP header.
    Using "if" directive for analyzing output headers like $sent_http_x_secured_page
    will not work since "if" is evaluated at an early request processing stage
    (rewrite phase) and no output is normally created by this time.
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