Files still on disc after inactive time

Andrzej Walas nginx-forum at
Fri Feb 16 09:39:50 UTC 2018

For me 40-50 GB cache is ok, because I have multiple files like 2-5GB.
Problem in my mind is this that I have settings:
    proxy_cache_path          /ephemeral/nginx/cache levels=1:2
keys_zone=proxy-cache:4000m max_size=40g inactive=1d;
but I have over 40GB on disc and files older than 1 day inactive.

Can you tell me what happend with downloaded part of files when I have:
[error] 16082#0: *1264804 upstream prematurely closed connection while
reading upstream
[crit] 16082#0: *1264770 pwritev() <path> has written only 49152 of 151552
while reading upstream
This part of file is still on disc and don't deleted after error?

On most of my proxy rate is 90% HIT to 9% MISS and 1% ERROR. But couple of
them have stats like 10% HIT, 60% MISS, 30% ERROR.

Sometimes I have problem with MISS on existing file. In logs I see 1 MISS,
after that 10-20 HIT and after that only multiple MISS on this same file.

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