Error: Too many redirect when redirect sharepoint site

Francis Daly francis at
Fri Feb 23 12:25:25 UTC 2018

On Thu, Feb 22, 2018 at 04:26:15AM -0500, sonpg wrote:

Hi there,

> I have a problem when i redirect sharepoint site, it get error "redirected
> you too many times". I tried to clear cookie but not work

I suspect that this has been overtaken by a later mail thread, but just in case...

> http {
> # Redirect sharepoint site
> server {
>     listen 80 ;
>     server_name;
>     rewrite ^(.*) permanent;
> }

That part there is a redirect loop.

A request from the client for will get a response
of a http redirect to; that request will get a
response of a redirect to; and you are in a loop
that the client should report.

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