Jenkins reverse proxy on single domain with multiple apps

Aziz Rozyev arozyev at
Mon Feb 26 16:01:46 UTC 2018

well, as I’ve said try checking headers first, as per the following doc:

it can be much complicated than just proxy_pass’ing.

regarding sub_fillter,

try getting rid of one of the sub_filters, probably the second one:

      proxy_pass    http://jenkins:8080/;
       sub_filter 'url=/login?from=%2F' 'url=/jenkins/login?from=%2F';
       # sub_filter "('/login?from=%2F')" "('/jenkins/login?from=%2F')";
       sub_filter_once off;


> On 26 Feb 2018, at 18:03, kefiras at <nginx-forum at> wrote:
> The setup is a simple set of docker containers. 
> a 'localhost' is a docker container with nginx acting as a reverse proxy
> it has defined /jenkins location to reverse proxy connection to jenkins
> container which exposes the java app at port 8080 so:
> location /jenkins {
>      proxy_pass http://jenkins:8080;
> }
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