Roman Arutyunyan arut at
Tue Jun 5 17:23:20 UTC 2018

Hello Grzegorz,

On Tue, Jun 05, 2018 at 07:04:22PM +0200, Grzegorz Kulewski wrote:
> W dniu 05.06.2018 o 16:01, Maxim Dounin pisze:
> > Changes with nginx 1.15.0                                        05 Jun 2018
> [snip]>     *) Feature: now the stream module can handle multiple incoming UDP
> >        datagrams from a client within a single session.
> Does this mean that the performance of UDP proxying of (for example) OpenVPN should be greatly increased in this release?

Above all, this means that UDP proxying now works for protocols which require
multiple packets to be sent back and forth between client and server, as
opposed to simple request-response DNS-like protocols.  OpenVPN is likely one
of the protocols which are expected to work now.

And yes, even for simple request-response protocols the performance has
increased significantly because the same session and upstream connection are
reused for multiple client packets.

Roman Arutyunyan

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