status/usage of FRiCKLE/ngx_cache_purge. still reliable? alternatives?

PGNet Dev at
Wed Jun 6 22:42:25 UTC 2018


> My $0.02 coming from experience building out scalable WP clusters is, 
> stick to Varnish here.

Miscommunication on my part -- my aforementioned Varnish-in-front 
referred to site dev in general.

To date, it's been in front of Symfony sites.  Works like a champ there.

Since you're apparently working with WP under real-world loads, do you 
perchance have a production-ready, V6-compatible VCL & nginx config you 
can share? or point to?

> FRiCKLE's module is great, but it would be scary to put into production- 
> have fun with that test/release cycle :p

Yep.  Hence my question(s)!

> The overhead of putting Nginx in front of Varnish is fairly small in the 
> grand scheme of things. What's your motivation to strictly use Nginx?

This time 'round, it's not entirely 'my' motivation; came with the job's 
"prefer to haves".

Based, in apparently large part, on the usual use of TheGoogle; these 2 
in particular:

> There is official support for cache purging with the commercial version 
> of Nginx:

Ah, so not (yet) in the FOSS product.  I see it's proxy_cache, not 
fastcgi_cache, based ...

> I've seen moderate hardware running Nginx (for TLS offload + WAF) -> 
> Varnish (cache + purge) -> Apache/mod_php do 50k r/s on a single node. 
> One would hope this suffices; it's a stable and proven stack. Again, 
> ngx_cache_purge is great, but any unsupported module in a prod 
> environment is scary when you're not writing the code. ;)

Again, yep.


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