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Mon Jun 18 14:27:51 UTC 2018


I'm trying to implement Mbed TLS (and suppress all the OpenSSL part at the
same time) in Nginx for learning reasons.
I've found that helped me a lot,
evenf if both Nginx and Mbed TLS have a bit changed since that time. 

I have a problem : the handshake seems to be done if I believe in the
Wireshark logs, but my naive hello world page isn't sent to the client
(Mozilla, but I've also tested with the s_client feature in Openssl, and the
result is the same). The last TLS message in the log is an Encrypted
Application Data from the client (just after the Encrypted Handshake Message
from the server), which i guess is the GET request, and after that nothing
but the client waiting.

I know I certainly do not provide enough information for someone to find the
solution, but I give it a try...

Other bugs that are not my priority for the moment :

- With Chrome, the handshake stop just after the Certificate part ("Decode
- To help me debugging things, I added "master_process off;" in the
configuration file, and whitout it, the server doesn't even answer to the
Client Hello.

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