Problem with to multiple virtual hosts

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Wed May 9 20:10:58 UTC 2018

On Tue, May 08, 2018 at 01:46:07AM -0400, auto wrote:

Hi there,

> Today we create 2 new config-files on the nginx, copy the file to
> sites-enabled and make a nginx reload.
> Now, no sites works again. But there was no error after the nginx reload.
> In the Browser we get the error that the Site is not available. And we get
> this error at all Sites.
> In the nginx error.log we get the message *2948... no "ssl_certificate" is
> defined in server listening on SSL port while SSL handshaking, client:
> 178...., server

The error message refers to something to do with ssl.

The example config files you show do not mention ssl.

Does the actual config that you are writing to the new file that leads
to the failure, refer to ssl at all?

Is the new file name alphabetically first in the list of files?

Do you have the word "default_server" on any "listen" line in any file?

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