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Friscia, Michael michael.friscia at
Tue May 15 12:12:10 UTC 2018

I’m wondering if there’s a simple way to solve this problem.

The upstream application sometimes returns a blank 500 error which Nginx then serves as the blank page. This is working as intended. But what I’d like Nginx to do is display a custom error page if the upstream 500 error is blank, but if the upstream 500 page is not blank, then I want to serve the upstream 500 error page.

Has anyone ever come up with a way to handle a case like that?

I was thinking of having a custom header in the upstream app and if that header doesn’t exist, then serve a page from Nginx but before I run down that path I thought I’d ask. I cannot use proxy_intercept_errors on; because the upstream app serves customized 404 errors that I would lose.

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