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Tue May 22 12:03:55 UTC 2018

Hi Pedro

On 18/05/2018 16:02, pedrobrigatto wrote:
> Hi guys, 
> The base name of a web application has changed and now I need to implement a
> redirection of POST requests so that, whenever clients already using the old
> base path are not affected by this modification. So, let's say the old path
> to a web service is https://ip-address/old-name/rest/mymethod and now it is
> going to be https://ip-address/new-name/rest/mymethod
> I tried both return 307 and rewrite rules but nothing worked until now. 
> Can you please give me a hand on this?

This will not work without proper post handling.

Why not using a proxy_pass with new-name?


location /old-name/rest/mymethod {
  proxy_pass https://ip-address/new-name/rest/mymethod;

> Thank you very much in advance!
> Best regards, 
> Pedro

Best regards

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