after upgrade to nginx 1.16.0, $realpath_root returns incorrect path ?

PGNet Dev at
Sun May 5 05:14:39 UTC 2019

On 5/4/19 8:11 AM, PGNet Dev wrote:
> but turning on debug,
> 	2019/05/04 07:51:50 [debug] 6510#6510: *8 http script var: "/index.php"
> 	2019/05/04 07:51:50 [debug] 6510#6510: *8 fastcgi param: "SCRIPT_FILENAME: /usr/local/html/index.php"
> the SCRIPT_FILENAME path is incorrect.  there appears to be an issue with $realpath_root.
> While I'm digging locally for the problem ... question(s):
> -- has anything changed in usage of $realpath_root?
> -- are there any php v7.3.6 related issues?
> -- any other hints?

I replaced the $realpath_root var with a literal path string, and 
everything works again as expected.

Dropping back to 1.15 branch, all's working again -- with the var.

Rebuilding PHP had no effect, neither did dropping back to earlier PHP 

Finally, I trashed all of nginx, and did a clean checkout/build.

And it works.  Of course.

No concrete idea what specifically was the problem ... but gone now.

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