nginx-devel December 2013
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handle NGX_AGAIN properly
by Julien Zefi
7 years, 11 months

[PATCH] Request hang when cache_lock is used in subrequests
by Yichun Zhang (agentzh)
8 years

Help with shared memory usage
by Wandenberg Peixoto
8 years, 6 months

[PATCH] SSL: support automatic selection of ECDH temporary key parameters
by Piotr Sikora
8 years, 7 months

[PATCH] SSL: support ALPN (IETF's successor to NPN)
by Piotr Sikora
8 years, 10 months

How to implement handshake in an upstream module?
by Reetesh Ranjan
8 years, 10 months

[PATCH 0 of 1] Added support for TCP_FASTOPEN supported in Linux >= 3.7.1
by Mathew Rodley
8 years, 11 months

Support of IMAP ID command in mail proxy module?
by Michael Kliewe
8 years, 11 months

[patch] Logging: raise severity level for logged messages
by Sergei Turchanov
8 years, 11 months

[nginx] Fixed setting of content type in some cases.
by Ruslan Ermilov
8 years, 11 months
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