nginx-devel July 2015
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ngx_ext_rename_file: remove the target file if ngx_copy_file() fails
by Mindaugas Rasiukevicius
6 years, 9 months

OpenSSL PKCS#11 Engine cannot be reused in child process, worker SSL sessions fail
by Anthony Alba
6 years, 10 months

[PATCH] Add log variables $http_all and $sent_http_all
by Jonh Wendell
6 years, 12 months

[PATCH] Set Content-Length to 0 when proxying requests with discarded body
by Bondarev, Daniil
7 years

[PATCH] Workaround for "configuration file test failed" under OpenVZ
by Gena Makhomed
7 years

[nginx] Stream: deprecated proxy_downstream_buffer, proxy_upstre...
by Roman Arutyunyan
7 years

[nginx] Style.
by Roman Arutyunyan
7 years

[nginx] Stream: added proxy_buffer_size to set the size of data ...
by Roman Arutyunyan
7 years

[RFC] event/openssl: Add dynamic record size support for serving ssl trafic
by chen
7 years

Nginx GitHub mirror
by Andrew Hutchings
7 years
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