nginx-devel May 2017
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nginx development guide
by Vladimir Homutov
4 years, 3 months

[PATCH] $request_scheme variable
by Chris Branch
4 years, 5 months

[PATCH] Proxy: support configuration of socket buffer sizes
by Karstens, Nate
4 years, 8 months

[PATCH] Resolver: parse hosts file entries
by Thibault Charbonnier
4 years, 11 months

[nginx] Fixed background requests with asynchronous operations.
by Roman Arutyunyan
5 years

[PATCH] HTTP/2: add debug logging of control frames
by Piotr Sikora
5 years, 1 month

[PATCH] HTTP/2: reject HTTP/2 requests without ":scheme" pseudo-header
by Piotr Sikora
5 years, 2 months

[PATCH] HTTP/2: reject HTTP/2 requests with "Connection" header
by Piotr Sikora
5 years, 2 months

[PATCH 1 of 3] HTTP: add support for trailers in HTTP responses
by Piotr Sikora
5 years, 2 months

Use primes for hashtable size
by Andrew Borodin
5 years, 2 months
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