nginx-devel January 2019
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Re: PCRE2 support?
by Maxim Dounin
1 year, 1 month

cache: move open to thread pool
by Ka-Hing Cheung
1 year, 4 months

[PATCH] Apply cache locking behaviour to stale cache entries.
by Elliot Thomas
3 years, 6 months

limit_rate_after support variables
by Miroslav Novy
3 years, 9 months

[PATCH] better constrain IP-literal validation in ngx_http_validate_host()
by Terence Honles
3 years, 9 months

GeoIP dependency on GeoIP Legacy databases?
by Thomas Ward
3 years, 10 months

[nginx] SSL: separate checks for errors in ngx_ssl_read_password_file().
by Maxim Dounin
3 years, 10 months

[nginx] SSL: explicitly zero out session ticket keys.
by Maxim Dounin
3 years, 10 months

[nginx] Modules compatibility: down flag in ngx_peer_connection_t.
by Roman Arutyunyan
3 years, 10 months

[nginx] Use %s for errors returned from configuration parsing handlers.
by Ruslan Ermilov
3 years, 10 months
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