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internal redirect and module context
by Dk Jack
1 day, 7 hours

[nginx] Contrib: vim syntax adjusted to save cpoptions (ticket #2276).
by Maxim Dounin
2 days, 5 hours

[PATCH] workers process making them traceable on FreeBSD 11.x and above
by David CARLIER
2 days, 10 hours

[njs] Fixed recursive async function calls.
by Dmitry Volyntsev
2 days, 12 hours

[PATCH] SSL: always renewing tickets with TLSv1.3 (ticket #1892)
by Maxim Dounin
2 days, 23 hours

[nginx] Core: simplify reader lock release.
by Pavel Pautov
3 days, 3 hours

[PATCH] Add ipv4=off option in resolver like ipv6=off (ticket #1330)
by Lukas Lihotzki
4 days, 8 hours

[njs] Fixed Function.prototype.apply() with slow arrays.
by Dmitry Volyntsev
4 days, 9 hours

[PATCH] Prefer address family matching to local address in resolver (ticket #1535)
by Lukas Lihotzki
4 days, 10 hours

[njs] Fixed type confusion bug while resolving promises.
by Dmitry Volyntsev
4 days, 13 hours
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