I've added xslt_string_param and slightly changed parameter passing and transformation
   to make it work as expected.
   As a side effect of this change, might be usage of xslt_param/xslt_string_param faster,
   because params are directly inserted to transformation context and do not need to be
   copied to name/value parameter array that is passed to xsltApplyStylesheet() as it's now
   by parameters passed via xslt_stylesheet directive.

   Old parameter passing using xslt_stylesheet has not been changed to prevent unexpected behavior,
   maybe this can be modified later if this patch will prove to be stable...

On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 2:03 AM, Laurence Rowe <l@lrowe.co.uk> wrote:
On 4 February 2012 16:47, SamB <ja.nginx@mailnull.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>    I've modified my patch, according to comments in
> http://mailman.nginx.org/pipermail/nginx-devel/2012-January/001751.html.
>    Directive has been renamed to xslt_param, taking 2 parameters - name and
> value separated (similarly to set directive),
>    therefore it's now also possible to pass ':' character as it had been
> requested before.
>    I think it's better and easier to have it this way + there is no need to
> do that ugly parsing in runtime ;)

Great! Thanks for working on this. One other thing that occurs to me,
it would be useful to be able to pass arbitrary string paramaters.
Perhaps an xslt_string_param directive could also be added?

XPath quoting gets complicated when a string contains both single and
double quotes (see
so you should use
on those values.


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