I can't seem to set a few of the quic parameters using their respective directives.
Specifically, doing e.g. this in the conf:
        quic_max_udp_payload_size 1472;
        quic_max_ack_delay 10;
        quic_ack_delay_exponent 2;

... results in the default values being sent (as seen in qvis):
        "max_packet_size": 65527
        "max_ack_delay": 25
        "ack_delay_exponent": 3

Other parameters (like quic_inital_*) are being set just fine. Any idea what I might be doing wrong for these 3 above?

p.s. I think quic_max_packet_size needs to be updated to quic_max_udp_payload_size in the README to match the latest drafts and code.