[nginx-announce] nginx-1.15.4

Maxim Dounin mdounin at mdounin.ru
Tue Sep 25 15:25:22 UTC 2018

Changes with nginx 1.15.4                                        25 Sep 2018

    *) Feature: now the "ssl_early_data" directive can be used with OpenSSL.

    *) Bugfix: in the ngx_http_uwsgi_module.
       Thanks to Chris Caputo.

    *) Bugfix: connections with some gRPC backends might not be cached when
       using the "keepalive" directive.

    *) Bugfix: a socket leak might occur when using the "error_page"
       directive to redirect early request processing errors, notably errors
       with code 400.

    *) Bugfix: the "return" directive did not change the response code when
       returning errors if the request was redirected by the "error_page"

    *) Bugfix: standard error pages and responses of the
       ngx_http_autoindex_module module used the "bgcolor" attribute, and
       might be displayed incorrectly when using custom color settings in
       Thanks to Nova DasSarma.

    *) Change: the logging level of the "no suitable key share" and "no
       suitable signature algorithm" SSL errors has been lowered from "crit"
       to "info".

Maxim Dounin

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