Announcement : NGX_HTTP_SET_VAR_MODULE - for developers

Marcus Clyne ngx.eugaia at
Sat Dec 19 17:41:58 MSK 2009



As inspired by the previous comments about setting hash values to 
variables, here's a small module that does just that.

Currently you can generate the MD5, SHA1 and Murmurhash2 values (in 
uppercase hexadecimal) of a string, which can include variables.

There are three directives, which can be used anywhere in the http 

usage :

location   /hash {
  set_md5      $md5_val      $hash_string;
  set_sha1     $sha1_val     "some long string with a variable $var";
  set_mm2      $murmurhash2_val   "a static string hash";

download :

to do :

- documentation online (soon)
- other hashes (let me know if you have any specific ones you want added)
- url escaping

feedback :

If you have any comments (good/bad), or would like some specific 
features, let me know.


Anyone developing a module that includes setting values to variables 
might have use for this module.

It has been given an interface that makes it much easier to add your own 
'variable value filter', without needing to worry about dealing with 
http_script's and complex values.

Currently it requires compiling Nginx with OpenSSL (because the hashing 
currently requires the functions provided by OpenSSL), but soon it will 
be usable without compiling it.

Instructions on how to use the interface with your own module is 
provided in the notes.

Hope it's of use to some people.



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