Chunked request body and HTTP header parser

Peter A Leonov gojpeg at
Tue Nov 24 02:01:58 MSK 2009

On 23.11.2009, at 16:16, Maxim Dounin <mdounin at> wrote:

> Hello!
>> I have some preliminary chunked pipe filter implementation for use
> in proxy code, but I believe it's good idea to have something
> generic like ngx_event_pipe_copy_input_filter().  And reuse it in
> both client chunked and upstream chunked cases.
Agreed. It'll be great to gain some abstraction this way. Less things  
to keep in mind—more space for thoughts ;)

IMHO, the event based HTTP parser not too much tungled with other  
nginx guts (to use, say, in node.js) could be a usefull piece of code.

> Not sure if it's
> possible though.
> Maxim Dounin

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