[Improvement Request] htaccess-lite for nginx

Grzegorz Nosek root at localdomain.pl
Wed Dec 8 16:23:21 MSK 2010

W dniu 08.12.2010 14:07, Pascal Nitsche pisze:
> Because there are some hosting systems beginning to support nginx (ex.
> Froxlor - http://froxlor.org) and it is not really practical to have
> customers have to submit a support ticket for every single rewrite they
> need etc I thouight nginx could be improved by something like
> htaccess-lite.

We considered that some time ago, wrote some patches, ended up proxying 
to Apache everything except a well-defined set of static file extensions 
(and 404s for rewrites).

Not being fully Apache-compatible frustrates your users as they have to 
learn a new syntax and -- this is the major problem -- cannot use 
ready-made apps with bundled .htaccess files. By the time you end up 
mostly compatible, you will have implemented half of Apache anyway.

Best regards,
  Grzegorz Nosek

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