Proxy Retry Logic

Sirsiwal, Umesh usirsiwal at
Wed Dec 22 22:26:56 MSK 2010

I am trying to write a module which uses a number of subrequests to talk to backend servers. Combines the responses and sends them back to the client. The communication with the backend server is using HTTP and I am using proxy_pass for that.

The peculiarity in our setup is that on failure-retry I need to use a different URI than the original request. Current, proxy reinit request does not regenerate request hence cannot be used for the purpose. I tried using the error_page in the subrequest location to point to a different location. But, it seems that the error_page is not evaluated on subrequest. The only option I can think of is for my module to detect error and issue a new subrequest.

Is this the best solution for this problem? Will that affect subrequest response concatenation?


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