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Thu Dec 30 14:22:59 MSK 2010

Thanks,I am also reading the source code of nginx,I think the module you
provide will help me understand the module structure in nginx

在 2010年12月30日 下午12:17,agentzh <agentzh at>写道:

> 2010/12/29 nn hust <nzjemail at>:
> > Is there some related resource or toturial for the analysis of nginx
> source
> > code?
> I've put lots of resources into the following wiki page:
>    See
> More than one year ago, I started my nginx hacking journey by reading
> the Evan Miller's guides on nginx development and then dived into the
> source code of the nginx core, nginx standard modules and several
> 3rd-party modules.
> BTW, the ngx_echo module is a "live tutorial" for a lot of goodies in
> the nginx core:
> ngx_echo is my first nontrivial nginx module and we later found it
> also very useful in a real world setting.
> Cheers,
> -agentzh
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