Does Eval Module work Now?

Sirsiwal, Umesh usirsiwal at
Thu Dec 30 23:53:10 MSK 2010

I am trying to use the eval module with the following simple configuration. I am using agentzh's version of the eval module. The configuration is simple and is below. This configuration serves main page with nginx version 0.8.41. But with 0.8.54 (which should have eval bug fixed) the connection hangs for ever. I tried the patch with 0.8.53 with the same result.

Is this supposed to work? 


location /eval/ {
          rewrite   /eval(.*)$  $1 break;
           eval $res {
		set $memc_key $host:$request_uri;
		set $memc_value 1;
		set $memc_cmd incr;

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