Does Eval Module work Now?

Sirsiwal, Umesh usirsiwal at
Fri Dec 31 18:43:46 MSK 2010

But that should not hang nginx? That would mean we will increment wrong value and a 404 result. But in my case the client never received any response. 

I eventually changed over to using lua module. 

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Subject: Re: Does Eval Module work Now?

On Fri, Dec 31, 2010 at 4:53 AM, Sirsiwal, Umesh <usirsiwal at> wrote:
> location /eval/ {
>          rewrite   /eval(.*)$  $1 break;
>           eval $res {
>                set $memc_key $host:$request_uri;
>                set $memc_value 1;
>                set $memc_cmd incr;
>                memc_pass;
>           }

One pitfall with ngx_eval is that it *always* runs before any rewrite
phase directives like "rewrite".


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