creating a response from the "access" phase

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Tue Jul 27 15:52:01 MSD 2010

Hello Folks,

I have spent a few weeks reversing knowledge from Nginx's source base.
However, I need to verify some of my understanding, and I have four
questions for which some help would be extremely usefull. The first question
I have asked on Stack Overflow (SO, link at end of email) . However, I doubt
it will be answered there. The SO question also gives a better overview of
what I am trying to do. I would appreciate if anyone could provide some
advice to that question as I am unlikely to get it on SO.

Now on to questions two and three. My module handler attaches to the
NGX_HTTP_ACCESS_PHASE, and it is designed to generate either a HTTP 302
redirect or an entity body for debugging purposes (more detail in SO

Question two: Simply returning NGX_HTTP_MOVED_TEMPORARILY from the handler
with the requesite response headers set should cause the
"ngx_http_core_access_phase" checker to redirect the connection properly --
am I right ?

Question Three: If I were to generate a response body from the
NGX_HTTP_ACCESS_PHASE should I populate a "ngx_chain_t" and end my handler
with "return ngx_http_output_filter(r, &out);" as shown in
"http/modules/ngx_http_static_module.c" ? will this lead to the desired
behavior, or is this sequence of calls meant only for the

My fourth and final question (which is related to the first) is about
setting the cache-control headers from the  NGX_HTTP_ACCESS_PHASE. Are there
any ramifications for directly setting this ? What is the best way to do
this ? I would like to prevent any other modules from tampering with this
header once it is set -- am I left at the mercy of the config writer here ?

Many thanks for reading this post, and even more so if you take the time to
reply :D



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