Improving Config Validation Testing

Hassan Syed h.a.syed at
Tue Jun 29 18:47:24 MSD 2010

Hey Folks,

I am wondering if there is anything in the pipeline that may ease config
validation testing. The use-case I am currently working on is testing the
validity of config for a certain module. If for a particular location a
module is active, than a certain other directives should be present, and if
they are present it should be possible to test for some other predicates at
runtime (for example files on the file-system, where filenames are specified
as directives for the module).

Nginx's out-of-the-box configuration is quite elegant, and it is hard to
write incorrect config files. And most common settings have default values.
However in my case I require more validation.

I have hacked together some code to test weather all requisite directives
have been set (in contrast to checking them one by one, and returning a
single error at a time). If one or more aren't, the code builds and returns
a formatted list of missing directives.

I'm just wondering if there is room for modelling such dependencies directly
in the "ngx_comman_t array" provided when creating a module, and perhaps for
a general purpose delegate mechanism that would allow other predicates to be
evaluated at runtime.


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