Improving Config Validation Testing

Hassan Syed h.a.syed at
Wed Jun 30 20:16:14 MSD 2010

Hello Again,

I re-factored all the gunk I wrote yesterday. Not only was it the wrong
way around, it was doing things incorrectly (fun times with GDB :D), and the
error messages shouldn't be returned manually but with a "ngx_log_error()"
call followed by a "NGX_CONF_ERROR" return code from within the merge
function. So, I grossly misunderstood the subtleties of the create and merge

I don't know if there is a need for documentation on such aspects of nginx
internals, I have reversed loads of documentation out of the source for
myself for my current and next project. I am wondering if taking the time
(perhaps on the existing wiki) to document some  such aspects will be a good
use of my time. Perhaps the most effective way of getting into system
software might just be the hard way.

Anyhow thanks for the tips, and looking forward to getting more involved
with the project.

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