fd leak in 0.8.34?

witekfl Gazeta.pl witekfl at gazeta.pl
Thu Mar 18 16:20:53 MSK 2010

At http://rkd.republika.pl/NGINX/ there is an image with nginx statistics
generated by the munin.
First few days with high connections values are for 0.8.34.
The last two days are for 0.8.33 with the same bunch of patches.
I don't show you nginx.conf. The site uses php-fpm.
Is there a fd leak in 0.8.34 or these patches are incompatible with that
I set yeasterday:
fastcgi_buffer_size 128k;
fastcgi_buffers 32 32k;
Earlier fastcgi_buffer_size and fastcgi_buffers weren't set.
BTW, you could add something like the maxsize.patch to the nginx.
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