how to use ngx_log_debug during configuration of a core module

Manlio Perillo manlio.perillo at
Wed Mar 24 19:46:36 MSK 2010

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Maxim Dounin ha scritto:
> [...]
>> I have logged the log name and fd of cycle->log, and I have:
>> log->name: (null), log->fd: 3
>> The cycle->new_log, instead, have:
>> log->name: /usr/local/nginx/logs/error.log, log->fd: -1
>> It seems that the log object is not fully configured, when module init
>> callbacks are called.
> I've just tested and looked through code - module init callbacks 
> (init_module member of ngx_module_t structure) are called after 
> full configuration has been initialized (including logs) and even 
> debug works perfectly using cycle->log (once you have error_log 
> ... debug; configured at top level).
>>From data you provide it looks like you in fact use create_conf 
> or init_conf callbacks of ngx_core_module_t structure.


> You still should be able to use ngx_log_error(cycle->log), though 
> level is initialized to NGX_LOG_NOTICE by default (so it's minimum 
> level which will be logged unless you are reconfiguring already 
> running nginx).

Ah, my bad.
I was using NGX_LOG_INFO, instead of NGX_LOG_NOTICE!

Now notices are logged.

Module is now complete:

It is a core Nginx module that embeds the CPython interpreter.
The future version of ngx_http_wsgi_module will require this module.

Thanks   Manlio
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