free the last allocation in a pool

Denis F. Latypoff latypoff at
Tue May 4 15:40:34 MSD 2010

04.05.10, 14:19, "Peter Leonov" <gojpeg at>:

> Hi, again,
>  When a module needs some memory just for a temporary buffer, it comes to this:
>    buf = ngx_pnalloc(pool, len);
>  When the work is done, it is good to free the memory ;)
>  As far as ngx_pfree() tries to free the “large” blocks only it can't be used for a small allocation.
>  Could you please tell me, is there a way to free the last small block of memory?,44274,44299

>  Thanks,
>  Peter.

br, Denis F. Latypoff.

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