Providing access to nginx state machine

Marko Kevac marko at
Thu May 6 18:53:15 MSD 2010


As far as I can see nginx provides access to it's state machine only
via 'upstream modules'. Am I right?

Let me ask this question in a different way.

I want to speak to another network service from nginx handler without
blocking it.

Lighttpd web server, for example, provides simple way to do this. You
can connect(), send() something, for example, give lighttpd descriptor
and return something like WAITING_FOR_FD. When descriptor becomes
ready, lighttpd will return to same module and module will be
available to receive().

Is there similar API in nginx?

Or maybe there is some other way do what I want?

A. Because it breaks the logical sequence of discussion
Q. Why is top posting bad?

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