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Peter Peter peterko at
Sun May 9 03:50:41 MSD 2010

 I am writing simple module for Nginx based on echo module ( ).
 The module should receive certain requests of images from web f.e. /hello/car.jpg and should fetch for file on drive's path /hello/aaac/car.jpg (the "aaac" is "somehow" counted from string "car"). Config for this would be simple: location ~ '/hello' {insertString;} -- internal redirect is no go in this way (I use the same base strings "hello" and I do now want difficult regex to be involed in conf file. This way, inserString "makro" would indicate to use my module) . I manage insert new path ("aaac") to request uri, but I do not know how to continue. I do not want to fetch the file and fill headers + body by my self since nginx surely knows how to do it (better than me:)). How can I "force" nginx to continue "handling" the request by itself with the new uri like I've never modified anything? Thanks.
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