Providing access to nginx state machine

Piotr Sikora piotr.sikora at
Tue May 11 20:08:20 MSD 2010

Hello Marko,

 > I want to speak to another network service from nginx handler without
 > blocking it.
 > (...)
 > Or maybe there is some other way do what I want?

Do what? You didn't really explain what you want to achieve, only how 
would you achieve it in lighttpd.

I've got a feeling that simple subrequest might be the thing you're 
looking for, so ngx_echo [1] might be worth studying here. Other than 
that you could also check "independent request" that is implemented in 
ngx_supervisord [2] (start reading from line 1117).

ngx_drizzle [3] and ngx_postgres [4] are good examples, but probably not 
in this case. I'm pretty sure you won't be using 3rd-party libraries and 
hacking around to "cheat" nginx's upstream module ;)


Best regards,
Piotr Sikora < piotr.sikora at >

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