Issue a subrequest from a timer handler

Peter Leonov gojpeg at
Mon May 17 01:24:12 MSD 2010

Hello Piotr,
Thanks for a fast reply!

On 17.05.2010, at 0:08, "Piotr Sikora" <piotr.sikora at> wrote:

> Hi,
>> If a subrequest is issued from timer nginx doesn't know about it  
>> until the request is somehow accessed from the network. Otherwise  
>> the subrequest stays stuck forever.
> Do I understand correctly, that you're starting subrequest without  
> parent request?
My bad, tried to be short :)

There is a request, main request in terms of nginx. It is passed to a  
module and the module desides to set a timer. A separated timer in the  
module context structure, neither on the request read nor the write  
event struct. The module handler returns (after r->main->count++ of  
course) and we are left waiting for the timer.

Time passes and finally the request timer fires. In the timer handler  
the subrequest is issued. And here comes tge troubles :)

The subrequest stays frozen if it just a struct in memory and nginx  
doesn't know about it. But, on the main request connection timeout the  
request comes to life and nginx process it correctly (as far as I can  

>> How may a module signal nginx about a new subrequest to process?
> Do you mean signal nginx that:
> a) it's time to start subrequest?
> or
> b) response from subrequest arrived?
The a) variant is most close.
The module mentioned above can issue a subrequest and get its content  
already. But only from the handler in the content phase, not from the  
naked timer handler.

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