Proxy upstream implementation with persistent connections?

Weibin Yao nbubingo at
Wed May 26 06:55:50 MSD 2010

Brian Pane at 2010-5-26 10:32 wrote:
> Has anyone made a module that supports keep-alive connections for HTTP
> upstreams?
> I'm working on an application where each request to nginx will result
> in multiple subrequests to an upstream HTTP server, and the network
> latency between nginx and the upstream server could be large (tens of
> milliseconds), so reusing a connection to the upstream server would
> help quite a bit.
The HTTP upstream keepalive connection has not been supported.

You can use this module with memcached and fastcgi keepalive connection:

This is an example for mysql keepalive connection derived from above module:
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> -Brian
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