Accessing subrequest output in memory

Eugaia ngx.eugaia at
Fri Oct 15 23:59:25 MSD 2010


I'm trying to get the output of an in-memory subrequest, but I can't 
find where the output is stored.

Basically, I'm doing :

ngx_uint_t flags;
ngx_http_post_subrequest_t *psr;
ngx_str_t location;
ngx_str_t *url_args;

psr->handler = my_callback;

ngx_http_subrequest (r, &location, url_args, &sr, psr, flags);

// waiting for for subrequest to process

my_callback (ngx_http_request_t *sr, void *data, ngx_int_t rc)
     ngx_http_request_t *r;

     r = sr->parent;
     // I want to be able to access the (body) output from the 
subrequest here

If the subrequest uses an upstream, I know I can access the output using 
sr->upstream->buffer.  However, if the subrequest does not use 
upstreams, then this won't work.  The output is not available from 
sr->out - r->out is set to NULL at some point during the output 
filtering.  As far as I can make out, what I need to do is find where 
the body output ngx_chain_t * struct is saved after all the body 
filtering has been processed, but I'm struggling to find it.

Can anyone tell me where it is, or where I can find the output?

Note : I don't want to remove the in-memory flag because I don't want 
the output flushed to the client.



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