Question about arguments from a GET/POST request

Thibault Koechlin thibault.koechlin at
Tue Oct 26 13:41:39 MSD 2010


I have started to write a module which goal is to act in a similar way
to "mod_security" in Apache. To keep it short, it will provide
applicative filtering, denying some requests if the module think they
are evil or contains specific attack signatures. Nginx will be used as a
reverse proxy here. 

So far, I've managed to make a really basic module (based on
ngx_http_access_module) that is able to allow or deny a request
according to various (extremely simple) pattern matching. I have now to
parse the uri, args and post data, to start the "real stuff". When I say
"parse", I mean being able to cut down every argument (POST or GET), in
order to be able to run regexp (or things like that) on both value and
variable name. So this brings me to my question :
- Is there, inside the ngx_http_request_t structure (or somewhere else),
a "parsed" version of get/post args ? 
- If not, is there any module that is actually performing this kind of
operation ?

PS: I've looked to the "ngx_http_variable_value_t *variables;" in the
ngx_http_request struct, but it doesn't seem to be that ... On the other
hand, some folks on the channel told me that the python interface is
able to access those vars, so they must be somewhere ! ;)

Best regards,

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