bad performance with nginx cache

Franchoze Eric franchoze at
Thu Sep 2 23:45:38 MSD 2010

31.08.10, 16:43, "Igor Sysoev" <igor at>:
>  Unfortunatly, these backtraces have not debug information.
>  What does "nginx -V" show ?

All this backtraces are not related to nginx core and were caused due to some custom modules. Sorry for complaining about that before checking.

I have some questions about cache which I did not figured out from docs:

1. how do you thing which file system it is better to use for cache (XFS?)?
2. Is it possible to select boundaries of cached objects? min_size < cache_obj < max_size
3. Is there any stats for cache? I suppose that enabling logs will slow down performance.
4. Can nginx detect that getting object from cache takes much longer time then downloading it? And do some reconfigure options on the fly. 

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