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Eugaia ngx.eugaia at
Thu Sep 9 00:01:27 MSD 2010

  Hi guys,

I hope nobody minds me asking for help in this way.

I'm asking for help from programmers to help set up a unique open-source 
project that could benefit a great many people.

The Tagmata Project's three aims are :

(1) to create a completely open-source website
(2) to use the site to generate money
(3) to use the profits to help alleviate poverty

Full details of the whole project can be found at

The platform for the open-source website has not yet been built, and 
that is what I'm asking for help with.

There are two things in particular that seem most relevant to Nginx 
developers / users :

(1) Nginx - MongoDB module

The Tagmata database will use MongoDB, with an Nginx front-end. We're 
looking to develop an Nginx module that connects to MongoDB, to allow 
queries through Nginx to MongoDB (in a similar vein to the recent 
ngx_drizzle, ngx_postgres etc modules that have been developed recently 
by Agentzh, Piotr Sikora et al.). This might be able to reuse some code 
from the ngx_gridfs module, but I'm not sure how stable it is.

Another part of this module will be translating our own database query 
language (Tagmata Query Language) to MongoDB queries - which should be 
pretty easy, as the syntax is very similar.

The code for this will be hosted on GitHub, and will be designed in such 
a way that it will be reusable for other projects that wish to connect 
to MongoDB that don't want to use Tagmata Query Language.

Once this particular module is written and stable, I'll post here to let 
Nginx users know.

(2) Online development tools

In order to facilitate adding/modifying of code on the open-source 
website, we're developing our own tools to make this easy. These will be 
written in our own scripting language (a cross between PHP and 
Javascript/Ruby - see for 

The code for these will be made available on the open-source website 
( when the base platform has been developed.

I can do all of this code myself, but I'm hoping that some generous 
programmers would be willing to help out to make the task easier. Some 
other programmers have volunteered to do some of the other tasks that 
need doing, but we could do with some more help to speed up the 
development process.

If you'd like to know more about the project, please visit
If you'd like to know more about the programming tasks, please visit
If you'd like to get involved, please contact me by email 
(dev at or IRC (Freenode #tagmata).

Thanks in advance,

Marcus Clyne.

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