proxy_cache - Is there a way to cancel file caching from header filter?

Eugaia ngx.eugaia at
Wed Apr 13 19:17:52 MSD 2011


On 13/04/2011 14:50, Anatoli Marinov wrote:
> I succeed to remove the file after it is saved in tmp directory and 
> before to be moved in cache directory.
> The patch is little bit ugly :)
And wasteful too - it stores, then deletes the cache data.
> ...
> Now from any filter when I have instance of request structure I can 
> set r->do_not_cache and the file will not be saved in cache directory.
> This approach is not so good because there is overhead when saving the 
> file in tmp ... and this file will not be used later.
> Other ideas?
I think setting

r->upstream->cacheable = 0;

in your filter (if it's not the full document) should work, and will 
avoid unnecessary caching.



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