[Patch][GeoIP][1.0.0] GeoIP Organization / ISP support

Arnaud GRANAL serphen at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 18:56:09 MSD 2011

Igor Sysoev wrote:
>  There is already patch to support GeoIP ISP base:
>  http://kornel.neolabs.kz/files/nginx-0.9.7-geoip-isp.patch.bz2

>  What is the difference between ISP base and Organization base ?

Almost none, organization is more precise but API calls are the same.
As far I can see the code is very similar so there is no reason to use my patch.

I didn't see that this patch exist so I spent a little bit time coding myself,
to save some time to other people could you consider putting the 0.9.7 patch into main tree ?


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