Cross Compiling Nginx

Doug Kehn rdkehn at
Wed Dec 28 15:46:05 UTC 2011

Hi All,

I'm cross compiling Nginx for an ARM Cortex A8 processor.  Attached is a patch for review which allows Nginx to be cross compiled.  I believe the patch is generic enough to allow Nginx to be cross compiled in any cross compile environment.  I also don't believe that I've broken any existing functionality.  After applying the patch, Nginx can be cross compiled with:

./configure \--prefix= \

--crossbuild=Linux:$(ARCH) \
--with-cc-opt="$(CFLAGS)" \
--with-ld-opt="$(LDFLAGS)" \
--with-endian=$(ENDIAN) \
--with-int=4 \
--with-long=4 \
--with-long-long=8 \
--with-ptr-size=4 \
--with-sig-atomic-t=4 \
--with-size-t=4 \
--with-off-t=4 \
--with-time-t=4 \

In my case $(ARCH) = arm, $(ENDIAN) = little, and $(CFLAGS)/$(LDFLAGS) are set according to my environment.  The variable sizes were determined empirically by cross compiling a simple program and executing on the target.

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